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Martyn Hoogstra worked as a photographer and designer until he discovered his "Path of the Heart" in the practise of Hatha Yoga more than thirty years ago. As a dedicated practitioner he has a wide experience and great skill in the execution of the Hatha Yoga Asanas & Pranayamas, Mudras and Bandhas.

For many years he attended intensive classes given by prominent teachers in India and in The Netherlands. He developed a sound knowledge of Meditation Techniques and the philosophical foundations of the science of Yoga. Twentyfive years ago he started to work as a teacher himself, carrying forth the good teachings of his benefactors. During these years he gathered experience in working with people of all walks of life: Martial Arts practitioners, managers from the bussiness community, elderly people, professional sportsmen and dancers, yoga teachers of all styles, etc etc.

Since a few years he is regularly invited as a guest lecturer at various yoga teacher training courses, leading workshops, intensives, retreats and seminars in various european countries, India and Mexico.

If you need to contact martyn for more information about his classes or wish to respond on the content of this web-site please contact him.