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J. Krishnamurti

"A woman was coming down the road with a brightly-polished brass vessel on her head, and another on her hip; she was carrying water from the well. She used to go by every evening; and that evening especially, against the setting sun, she was the earth itself in motion".

"Meditation is not for the meditator. The meditator can think, reason, build up or tear down, but he will never know meditation; and without meditation his life is as empty as the shell by the sea. Something can be put in that emptyness, but it is not meditation. Meditation is not an act whose worth can be weighed in the market-place, with its noise of exchange; and through this noise, the noiseless action of meditation can never be found. The action of cause becoming effect, and effect becoming cause, is an everlasting chain that binds the meditator. Such actions, being within the walls of his own prison, is not meditation. The meditator can never know meditation, which is just beyond his walls. It's only the walls that the meditator himself has build, high or low, thick or thin, that divide him from meditation."

J. Krishnamurti

Time is the movement of our thoughts; from past to future, from remembrances to expectations, to and from, allways in motion; the mind is producing names and forms. Isolating us from the wonder and the bliss of our being. Isolating us from enjoying this moment in time.

During my intensives and retreats we will pay special attention to meditation and pranayama technieques to explore the space and silence of our heart and subtle being.